Soundnautic ∞ Ignite

Soundnautic - Ignite - MP3 320Kbps
Soundnautic - Ignite - MP3 320Kbps
Soundnautic - Ignite - MP3 320kbps Digital Download
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About this song:
This was inspired to be a positive representation of different music styles that were influencing me at the moment. You can hear dubstep wobbles, breakbeats, a kind of international fusion vibe, and glitch elements. I like the syncopated beat, weird sounds swirling, angelic voice, gritty bass lines, arpeggios pulsating, tribal percussions, funky guitars, inspiration strings and catchy synth line. I have always tended to focus on the darker side of music but I must have been in a blissful mood for this one. I suppose I wanted to introduce something catchy, colorful and uplifting. It puts a smile on my face and I hope it does the same for you.

Visual Inspirations: